Glitter liner!

Glitter liner is a fun way to spruce up a makeup look.

Lets Talk Makeup Brushes: Face

Makeup brushes are equivalent to paintbrushes that artists use to make their paintings. Your face is a canvas, and we use makeup brushes as an art tool. Makeup brushes are vital for a makeup collection. As you continue to build your makeup collection, keep in mind for the brushes you’ll need. Face:  Foundation Brush Stippling…

Behind the Makeup: Why Skincare is so Important.

We all love a good makeup look, but what about what’s underneath? Of course, you can cover up blemishes and discoloration with makeup, but let’s get real for a sec. Makeup clogs pores and can lead to even more breakouts. Here are some tips to keep your skin looking just as flawless as your makeup….

Cruelty Free Makeup

I make it my goal to buy cruelty-free makeup. After watching and reading about the process of testing makeup on animals, it is heartbreaking to know that I’ve been using certain products for years that do test on animals. After doing the research I have found great brands that make quality cruelty free makeup. Wet…

My thoughts: Controversial Makeup brands

Sometimes it’s more than just makeup. Just as one would be cautious about buying makeup from brands that test on animals, one should also be cautious with who the brand owner is. Jeffree Starr has been problematic since the beginning of his career- before he even came into the beauty industry. He has been seen…

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